Clarence Hann

Robot Wars

Robot Wars is a serious game aided for the research of how the value of power-ups players collect in the game will change their power-up collecting behaviors.

Play Robot Wars!

My paper for this research: View.

Player “fights” robots in the game.

I made this game on my own, from design, implementation and analyzing data collected, using Study Crafter created by Professor Casper Harteveld‘s team.

In this game you are “playing” a game named “Robot Abort”, where you fight evil robots and save the world. The game has two random branches (compare groups), one of which is the player getting good powerups, the other is valueless powerups. Player “plays” accordingly better or worse. And then the game presents the player choices, which will be collected and analyzed as results.

Special thanks to: Casper team for developing Study Crafter, a great tool for developing research games!


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