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Notandor is a board game where you and your opponents playing as the two global superpowers: Green Recyclable Energy (GRE) and Optimal Resource Association (ORA) in Energy supplement, try to seize as many resources and build power plants on them as possible. Players will use Lego blocks representing NOT/AND/OR gates, “Weber Thermographic Energy Fibers”, and power plants to play. The game ends when either player runs out all the gates and Fibers available.

One side of the game.
Green Recyclable Energy
Optimal Resource Association

Check the GAME GUIDE BOOK for more info about the STORY and HOW TO PLAY!

Story Design by Clarence(me). Game design and prototyping by all the team.

I enjoyed the developing of the story and working on the iteration of the game play (We underwent about 11 iterations within the 2 months’ development).

From paper prototype (developed by Clarence, me) to Final prototype(by Tony)

*Disclaimer: We respect Lego’s copyright. This project will only be used as a class project.*


Anthony, Clarence, Josiah.

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