Clarence Hann

Hunter & Gatherer

Hunter & Gatherer (GGJ 2018)

Hunter gatherer is a 2-player cooperation game, players need to help each other to achieve success. One skillfully fighting the boss, with the other transfering items and/or own health to hunt down the level bosses.

“In a distant digital future, a pair of siblings must help each other to survive the rage of the cyber beasts. The hunter was unfairly sentenced to death penalty where she had to survive the monster worlds. And the gather, her brother, would do anything to assist the hunter by collecting and transfering items.”

This is our group’s game in Global Game Jam 2018, finished within a weekend. I was glad to be there as a “Resident Unity Wizard”.

Special thanks to all the gals and guys worked together wtihout whose super concerted effort we could not make it! Here’s our Global Game Jam page.


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