Clarence Hann

Practice – RT terrain modification

7-day fast-prototype for an idea of mine, and for testing run-time terrain modification.

An alien girl arrives on Planet Earth and accidentally caused havoc.

This demo “Girl In City” is a personal project to practice fast-prototyping and to test on the run-time terrain modification in Unity. The game idea was inspired by the game “King Kaiju“, where you play as an invincible monster to rampage a city. I wonder what if it’s a cute “little” girl.

I finished this prototype within 7 days, with a satisfying result. I managed to make footprints modifying the terrain, and got a fairly good feedback in terms of being a demo.


  • Real-time terrain modification
  • Random City generation
  • Smooth Camera Control to view from any angel
  • FX/UI FX
See it yourself!


Developed between Dec 30 and Jan 5. Current version: v 1.1.0

Disclaimer: author clivic is me.

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