Clarence Hann

Debugger System for Study Crafter – A Game Creation Tool

Study Crafter is a visual programming game creation tool used by researchers to conduct usability researches. It has a debugger for programming support, like those in other programming languages.

My role: Building a debugger upon the existing framework from scratch including logic and UI/UX. Works include planning, documentation, prototyping, user tests, merging into a new code base, and rolling out the final version.

Here in this debugger, you can set which state to pause the game and inspect the ins and outs at that states:

All the state variables are shown on the left panel. You can step over each state to find any nasty bug you have always wanted.

You can experiment with different assortments of states to produce the desired result of your game, without risking the accidentally saving something you don’t want.

Credits for the debugger:
Design & Programming – Clarence Hann

Early Design: Rick

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