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Beautiful moments in life are like splash sprays... But in a game you can quickload :)

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Beer Pong is a game where two players try to throw Ping Pong balls into their rival’s cups. The player must drink up the beer in the cup which a ball is plunked into.

As the player drinking more beers the player will get more drunken, which makes the game funnier and harder to aim.

Your goal is to make your opponent drink up all of his cups and believe me, he will NOT feeling himself after drinking up that amount of alcohol!

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My roles in this game: #Lead programmer; #Co-designer; #Game Play; #UI; #Drunkenness simulation; #Physics; #Git; #BitBucket;

Source code


Lead Design: Tony Lead Programming: Clarence Sound & programming: Josiah Art: Wenqi

DISCLAIMER: For the background music, WE RESPECT COPYRIGHTS. They are just for DEMONSTRATION of the game and can be removed immediately upon request.